Tuesday, July 29, 2014

22 weeks

How far along: 22 weeks.
General feeling: Good! My energy level is finally back up - a week ago, I was still crashing and taking three hour naps. It feels awesome to be able to get a long work out in after a workday and still have motivation to do housework. 
Boy or girl? Boy
Weight gain: 9+ pounds. According to thebump.com, I'm suppose to be gaining 1/2 pound a week, so it's probably closer to 10 pounds now.
Maternity clothes: Non-maternity tops still fit fine and haven't gotten stretched out yet. I ordered a few pairs of maternity pants, but some of the belly panel things are still too big, so I'm rocking the better fitting pair and also still wearing my old pants with a belly band and hair tie. And, knit skirts are a lifesaver for work days.
Innie or outie belly button: Innie, but becoming wider and shallower by the day.
Rings on or off: On.
Movement: Every single day, and Trevor thinks he might have felt it one night too. I use to think it was silly when women said feeling their baby move was the best feeling in the world, but it absolutely is. I can pretty much set my watch to this little guy's movements in the evening.
Cravings: Nothing crazy.
Sleep: Off and on, some nights where I'm out like a light and then some where I toss and turn and I'm wide awake at 4:30.
Best moment of this week: Feeling movement every day.
Looking forward to: Feeling movement every day. Ha. And cooler weather. It hasn't been too warm of a summer here in Michigan, which I love (this morning when we left for work, it was a whopping 50 degrees), but I cannot wait for fall weather to get here. I love jeans and sweatshirt weather.

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