Monday, July 28, 2014

love list

1. cat print - I have loved using Minted in the past to order business cards and notebooks, but I never knew until last week that they carry prints as well.  I'm super picky about artwork, but I was still able to load up my wishlist with different pieces.  I love this cat one since it reminds me of my cat, and I know exactly where I would put this in our house. 

2. swaddle blanket - The hot air balloon print is the sweetest thing.

3. mama bear shirt - Baby bear and bear cub are nicknames that we've already called our little boy, so when I saw this shirt, I thought it was perfect.  I love supporting Etsy stores, and this store also has baby bear and papa bear shirts. 

4. dinosaur - shopping for little boys in decided harder than shopping for little girls.  There are so many dolls and tea sets available for girls, but this stuffed dino is perfect for a little guy.  And I love his buck teeth.

5. diy teepee - Even before we were having a kid, I always wanted one of those play teepees.  Except I didn't want to pay so much for one when I figured I could make one for a lot less.  Here's a DIY version that only cost $22.  It's now on my to-do list.

6. Homemade Pantry - Favorite cook book ever.  I almost had to replace my library's copy because I read through it so much. I've always tried to be conscious of what is in my food and what I feed my family (except when I really, really just want a package of Gushers).  I want to try to make my own poptarts and granola bars instead of buying them as much as possible.  There is a recipe for homemade cheese, but cheese and canning are the two kitchen things that still intimidate me too much...

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