Monday, August 3, 2015

August goals

August is honestly my least favorite month. It's smack-dab in between my birthday and autumn (my favorite season), so by the time August rolls in, I'm already over it.  This year I'm trying to enjoy it and try to not rush through the whole month.

Here are some goals for this month:

1. Re-work our budget. We've been pretty good about sticking to a budget for the last couple of years now (this is what we do- and it works so well!). Trev just moved jobs though, so we figured some new number crunching is in order.  It's both exciting (I love it when the math matches up everywhere) and overwhelming...

2. Work out consistently through the whole month. In the spring I was really good about sticking to workouts, but since we don't have air conditioning, finding the motivation to workout in the heat of summer is hard. I'm doing this workout right now, and I'm excited to go through the calendar this month!

3.  Read! Since Oliver's been born, I haven't finished a single book. Yipe.  I love reading, so I want to be more consistent about it.

4.  Figure out canning and preserving. The past year or so, I've tried to tackle kitchen and cooking things that intimidate me (garlic use to scare me - how would I get it out of the husk-things?).  Canning food is something I haven't ever done and makes me nervous.  We have a pear tree in our backyard that is full of pears... I don't want them all to go to waste when they're ripe, so I figure now is as good a time as any to figure out this whole canning thing.