Wednesday, July 2, 2014

non-maternity clothes that still work

Right now I'm in a tricky place when I go shopping for clothing.  I'm not exactly big enough just yet to need to shop in maternity, but I'm a little bit too round to shop for a new pair of skinny jeans.  And honestly, I cringe at the idea of spending a ton a money on a maternity wardrobe that will only be worn a few months before it's packed away.  Whenever I walk through a store lately, I try to keep my eyes open for cute clothes that would work for my growing belly and would still be wearable next year post-belly (without looking like a tent).

1. striped sleeveless dress- this dress is loose enough that it could still be worn over a growing bump. I'd put a belt (I wear my gold glitter belt with everything) above the baby bump to make it stand out more. 

2. stripe crew tee- I love stripes. I've seriously bought every striped baby onesie I've come across. And I love yellow. And comfy things. This tee comes in a few other great summer colors, but I think the bright yellow is the best. 

3. pom pom tank- the embroidery on the shoulders of this loose tank makes it dressier than the knit ones I seem to live in lately. And it has pom poms on the straps. It's darling.

4. fold over waistband leggings- anything with a fold down waistband is a win right now. The waistband is low enough when folded down to fit under a bump. When I wear the waistband up and unfolded, it hits me right around my natural waist (which doesn't seem to exist anymore). Trevor thinks it's weird when I wear the waistband up (only under tee shirts and everything, not over things...), but it's actually really comfy to have something "hugging" my belly right now.

5. full circle skirt- I need this. I use to wear pencil skirts to work all the time, but needless to say, that's not happening very often anymore. And even though I have a belly band, I cringe at the idea of putting on dress pants (or anything that's not cozy and knit). This is knit and I love the color and the way it falls. It could work far into the pregnancy, because even if it's worn with a large bump, that waterfall hem trend has been going on for years.

6. draped dress- The draping of this dress is ideal to either hide a first trimester bloat-bump or to highlight a growing bump. 

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