Friday, June 13, 2014

love list

1. chai tea syrup recipe - I love using this recipe to make my own chai tea syrup. It's so much cheaper than buying it in stores and following this adorable recipe diagram just brightens my day. My favorite way to drink the chai is to fill a cup about 1/3 of the way full with the syrup, add a shot of espresso and fill the cup up with milk. I just add milk until I reach a coffee - milk color ratio I like. Ha, so precise.

2. rockaRoo swing - I just started working on a registry, and this was a must have for me. I have heard nothing but good reviews for this swing, and I love that you can plug in your own music. And this print is absolutely darling and reminds me of confetti.

3. knotted headbands - These baby headbands keep showing up on my instagram feed and I love the graphic print they're available in. If my little bean's a boy, these would still fit Momma, right?

4. fisher price music box clock - Again with the registry. When my mom and I were wandering around Target looking at baby items, we stumbled across Fisher Price's Classics toy line. I love so many of these (especially the clock!) because I remember playing with them when I would visit my grandparents when I was tiny. 

chai tea on the porch on the weekend = perfection

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