Wednesday, June 18, 2014

celebration and heartbreak

This week is full of celebrations for our family - Father's day and Trevor and I's anniversary.  It's also a week of heartbreak.

This past October, I found out I was pregnant.  Trevor and I were surprised but so excited.  We decided to keep the news to ourselves until we were in the second trimester.  Nevertheless, we started planning and dreaming.

When I was eight weeks pregnant, I started to bleed.  I tried to stay calm, but after it continued for another day, I went into my doctor.  He confirmed that it looked like I was having a miscarriage.

We were devastated.  It's like a car accident - you know people who it's happened to, but you never imagine it would happen to you.  The baby's due date was June 18, 2014.  Today.

We named this angel baby and we want to plant a rose bush in our backyard in memory.  Because of what we believe, we trust that we'll see our little baby in heaven one day, and we know that our grandparents are giving them lots of hugs and kisses until we get there ourselves.

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