Thursday, May 1, 2014

thankful thursday

Yesterday I went in for my first doctor's appointment, which I was honestly so nervous about.  I had absolutely no reason to be nervous- every single person I ran into at the hospital was so kind and encouraging to me.  Since our families still don't know about the pregnancy (we're waiting till the end of the first trimester), it was so exciting to be able to talk about our hopes and our worries thus far.  After I met with the nurse, she sent me to get blood work, a urine analysis and an ultrasound done. I was so excited that she scheduled me for the ultrasound.  As a result, Trevor and I are now in possession of some new family pictures (and even a few videos!). 

The little bean is measuring 5 days smaller than what we thought, but that wasn't too shocking since this little kid was a total surprise for us.  My favorite part of yesterday was seeing the heartbeat.  I am so happy and thankful we have videos, because I am absolutely mesmerized with watching that tiny little heart flutter on the screen.   

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