Sunday, May 25, 2014

12 weeks

How far along: 12 weeks
General feeling: bloated. There are times when I know it's a baby bump popping out because it's hard to the touch, but most of the time I "pop" after I eat a lot. 
Weight gain: when I went to the doctor a few days ago, my weight was pretty typical of what it was pre-pregnancy. So none yet, I guess.
Cravings: nope.
Sleep: I now am a pro at sleep walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
Miss anything: grocery shopping without being ex.haust.ed. afterwards. I get so worn out from everything lately. 
Best moment of this week: Having a doctor appointment this past week. I got to meet my OB and I heard the heartbeat at the beginning of the appointment. (Actually, I pretended to hear it because all I heard on the doppler was my heartbeat and what sounded like some hard core belly gurgles.) The doctor said our little guy has a very strong heartbeat (161 bpm) and the likelihood of a miscarriage has dropped to 2% for us. And, we are super duper excited to have started painting the nursery.
Looking forward to: Telling our family in t-minus one week now. We wanted to keep it a secret from as many people as we could through the first trimester as a "just in-case" something went wrong so we wouldn't have to go through the heartache of having to tell dozens of people things went bad. Since I knew my side of the family couldn't keep a secret for a few months, we've kept our lips zipped (as best we could) for what feels like an eternity now. 

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