Tuesday, October 7, 2014

32 weeks

How far along: 32 weeks
General feeling: Big, sore, and tired. I'm convinced I'm going to give birth to a moose instead of a tiny baby. The end.
Boy or girl: Boy.
Weight gain: 21 pounds up from pre-pregnancy weight
Maternity clothes: Still half and half. Maternity pants are so much more comfy than non-maternity ones, but I wear non-maternity shirts more often than the maternity ones I have.
Innie or outie belly button: My belly button is just about level with the rest of my belly. I feel like I keep saying it's only a matter of time till it pops out, and I'm amazed it's lasted this long.
Rings on or off: On
Braxton Hicks: A few every day. When laying down doesn't work to make them go away, I sit on an exercise ball and that helps so much. In our childbirth class, we talked about how people use the exercise ball during labor and I grabbed one just so I could get use to sitting and wiggling around on it. Sitting and swaying my hips around helps so much when I have braxton hicks or sore back muscles.
Movement: Not so many kicks and punches as much as little wiggles and tiny rolls. Yesterday the baby kept doing tiny wiggles in one spot, and I told Trevor it reminded me of the movement people do when they're sleeping to nestle in to their beds.
Cravings: Last night at 10:30 I wanted steak fries and ketchup so badly. It still sounds good. Trevor, like he always does, asked me if I wanted him to run out and grab some. I laughed and said no, but it would have been a different story if it had been two in the afternoon...
Best moment of this week: Nesting! I have such a list of things that I feel like need to get done, and it feels so good to tackle a few items on that list every day or so. I don't know why it is imperative that our baseboards are dusted before we have a baby, but in my head it was a necessity. And I never knew they could get that dirty.
Looking forward to: Baby shower this weekend and getting more prepared for the baby around our house.

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