Tuesday, August 19, 2014

25 weeks

How far along: 25 weeks.
General feeling: Good. Sleep has been pretty good over the past couple of nights, which is such a relief. There are days when I huff and puff to catch my breath more than usual, but that doesn't happen too often. On Sunday I worked in the nursery at church, and chased an eleven month old all afternoon. I was exhausted afterwards and felt like I had a peek into my future. I've gotta hand it to all you second time (or more!) moms.
Boy or girl: Boy.
Weight gain: 15 pounds up from pre-pregnancy weight. Holy weight gain Batman.
Maternity clothes: half and half. I'm still able to comfortably wear my pre-pregnancy jeans with a hair tie at the button. When I wore a non-maternity shirt this weekend, I did notice that with my belly as big as it is, the shirt was just a little too short to cover it.
Innie or outie belly button: It is just barely an innie. Like a shy outie. If I push on the sides around my belly button, that'll make it pop out, which Trevor hates and says it gives him the creeps. Which makes me do it more.
Rings on or off: On.
Braxton Hicks: Just a couple, but they went away after a minute.
Movement: All the time. I've gotten so frustrated because the biggest kicks would always happen when I was at work or on evenings when Trevor was gone, and he still hadn't felt anything. Finally, last night when we were watching Netflix, I felt a couple wiggles and we paused the show. After a few small kicks that Trevor didn't feel, there was finally a big one right where his hand was. :)
Cravings: Nothing really. Honestly, I kind of feel like I'm missing out on the pregnancy appetite. In the first trimester, I could rival a teenage boy with how much I could eat. Now when I eat, I feel like a fill up faster and can't eat large helpings anymore. Maybe my stomach is being squished and it doesn't have enough room... that doesn't bode well for Thanksgiving though. 
Sleep: Good overall. Tossing and turning (which is proving more and more difficult), but since I've gotten use to that, I go right back to sleep after shifting around.
Best moment of this week: Trevor feeling a kick last night. Finally! 
Looking forward to: Using this nesting urge to get projects around our house done.


  1. Aww such a cute baby belly! Thank you for linking your update up at Mommy Moments last week! You had the top viewed link and will be featured in next week's link up. Congrats!

  2. Congrats

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