Saturday, September 6, 2014

love list

It is absolutely wonderful to have a lazy Saturday at home. Our windows have been open all day since the temperature has finally dropped. We're celebrating with fall flavored food and an afternoon chock-full of college football. 

I made pumpkin scones this afternoon, and ohmygoodness, these are amazing. They're so soft and I ended up eating the extra glaze with a spoon. 

I'm trying to figure out packing my hospital bag already (I have probably over a dozen diagrams favorited on Pinterest. Whoops).  I've been reading up so much on keeping a baby warm in the winter, since I don't really know what to bring to dress our little guy in. I had no clue if I should get a baby winter coat, or if we should just bring a few blankets... After reading about what is and isn't safe for a baby to wear while in a carseat, I found this car seat cover that looks perfect for transporting a tiny newborn in Michigan winter weather.

Also on the topic of packing a hospital bag, I keep looking for newborn outfits for a coming home in. It's tough to find anything for cold weather since we're just now transitioning to autumn, but it is so much fun to look at baby clothes.

Have a cozy, lazy weekend! 

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