Friday, July 24, 2015

teething stinks

Teething stinks.  Oliver is cutting his second couple of teeth right now and it's rough. He's been fussy, clingy, and hasn't been sleeping like he normally does. A few days ago when I was playing with him, Oliver gave me a huge smile and I noticed them- two teeth just barely pushing through on either side of his bottom middle teeth. It was like a lightbulb went off above my head and the fussy, clingy stage suddenly made sense.

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Here are a few things that have helped us immensely as Oliver is teething:

1. Oliver is so clingy when he's teething. He often insists on being held- he's not happy even sitting in our laps.  The Ergo is helpful to have when he's like that because we can still make dinner or get things done around the house.

2. I got this teething bracelet as a shower present.  Although it feels too bulky to really wear as jewelry, Oliver loves to chew and gnaw on the beads.

3. Diaper is a tell-tale sign that teething is under way for us.  We use this as often as we can (cloth diapering does make diaper rash cream difficult), and it helps clear things right up.

4. My mom got Oliver a few of these books for his first Christmas, and they are perfect! They really are indestructible- they can't be torn or chewed apart. These books make story time easier with a drooling, biting, fiend of a baby.

5. All the hype about Sophie is right.  She's great not only for teething, but all the time. Right now, Oliver loves chewing on her legs and lights up whenever she squeaks. From the time Oliver was three(ish) months old, he's played with Sophie about every day.

6. I picked this pack up bibs up from Ikea before Oliver was born. They have striped cotton on one side and the flip side is soft fleece. They are so light weight and aren't stiff like other bibs, these are our go-to's when teething gets drooly.

Teething is definitely something that varies from baby to baby.  I've heard of giving a baby a wet washcloth to chew on or some cold fruit.  We tried that last time, and Oliver wasn't too big into those, even though our parent-friends swear by it.  I've seen breastmilk popsicles, which I might give a whirl here soon.  What teething remedies worked for you and what can you not live without during the process?

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