Monday, December 8, 2014

love list (holiday edition)

While waiting for little Baldwin to make his appearance, I'm trying to get our house as ready for the holidays as I can.  Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I'm so excited to start some holiday traditions as a family. Here's a few of my favorite things from the past week or two...

 This tutorial for how to hang Christmas lights is wonderful.  Right now we're using an old tree from my parents since our (14 pound) cat loves to sit in the tree and climb up the limbs.  The tree is one that has lights on the branches already, but only half of them light up.  I've always hated how trees look when they're lit with "lasso-ed" strings of lights.  The lighting tutorial walks you through how to light your tree so it looks like it's glowing from the inside as well, and I could sit and stare at our tree for hours now.

One of the first things I started knitting when I found out I was pregnant was this Christmas stocking.  I've made one for Trevor and myself, and I am finishing up the baby's stocking now.  When I was younger, I always wanted a fireplace mantle to hang Christmas stocking on and am so excited to have one now.  These stockings are huge and are timeless looking. 

Last year, I fell in love with a tree skirt from West Elm.  It had a hand-crafted look and had felt mistletoe around the edges.  I just couldn't rationalize spending over $50 on a tree skirt, and kept my eyes peeled for some type of holiday sale.  Over the summer, I found this wonderful tutorial for a look alike tree skirt.  I've had the best intentions to make this for months now, but I haven't had time.  It's already on my list of things to do for next year.

One of my favorite memories from the holidays last year was a brunch Trevor and I held at our house Christmas morning.  Since both sides of our family live very close, our house was packed and everyone filled up on hot chocolate and gingerbread scones.  My favorite recipe I used that morning was these eggnog cinnamon rolls.  I'm not a fan of eggnog, so I didn't think I would really like these cinnamon rolls.  I was so so wrong.  These rolls were amazing.  They were super easy to make, so soft, so fluffy and just incredible.  I had dreams about these cinnamon rolls after making them for Christmas brunch. 

How are you getting ready for the holidays and what are some of your favorite traditions?

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